Master's Program Application Timeline

We are still accepting applications for the program.  Classes begin June 10.

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About the Math TLC

What is the Math TLC?

The Mathematics Teacher Leadership Center is a 5-year $5,000,000 NSF-funded Mathematics and Science Partnership serving mathematics teachers in Colorado and Wyoming. The new Master's in Mathematics for Secondary Teachers program began June 2009, and is offered jointly between the University of Northern Colorado and the University of Wyoming.

Goals of the Math TLC

Our goal is to help develop culturally competent master teachers and teacher-leaders equipped to work locally, regionally and nationally to improve teacher practice and student achievement.

  1. Develop a shared vision of mathematics as a culturally rich subject in which K-12 mathematics proficiency is defined by shared community standards (e.g., state, NCTM policies).
  2. Expand mathematical content knowledge in ways that broaden exposure to mathematical ideas and deepen understanding of topics that extend K-12 mathematics content.
  3. Increase pedagogical content knowledge by examination of how students think and learn about mathematics and, for teacher-leaders, about how teachers learn about teaching.
  4. Empower participants as lifelong professional learners who regularly reflect on themselves, students, and community context to improve teacher practice and student learning.
  5. Produce a research-based and tested model for master teacher and teacher-leader development based on the above goals that improves mathematical achievement for all students.

To read about the vision, goals, and expected outcomes of the Math TLC: Project Proposal

Senior Math TLC Project Staff

Math TLC School Partners

Colorado Partner School Districts

Wyoming Partner School Districts

  • Weld County District 6 (Greeley)
  • Morgan County School District (MCSD)
  • Northeast BOCES
    • Akron R-1
    • Frenchman RE-3 (Fleming)
    • Haxtun Re-2J
    • Holyoke RE-1
    • Julesburg RE-1
    • Lone Star #101
    • Buffalo RE-4 (Merino)
    • Otis R-3
    • Plateau RE-5 (Peetz)
    • Platte Valley RE-3
    • Wray RD-2
    • Yuma-1
  • Poudre School District (Fort Collins)
  • Laramie County School District 1
  • Carbon County School District 1
  • Park County District 6
  • Platte County Districts 1 and 2
  • Sublette District 1